Direct Secure Messaging (DSM)

Enjoy protected healthcare communication

Koble-MN offers direct secure messaging via Orion Health’s Communicate. Communicate provides reliable and protected e-mail communication between patients, healthcare providers, and organizations across desktop and electronic medical (EMR) systems.

Orion Health™ Communicate (Communicate) uses national standards to communicate health information between healthcare organizations, providers and patients. Communicate is an easy-to-use, secure communication method that replaces mail and fax transmissions between known parties, such as providers, laboratories, and public health departments. Communicate benefits both patients and providers by improving the transport of health information, making it faster, easier, more secure and less expensive.

Combined with the recent nationwide adoption of standards, such as the care summary Continuity of Care Document (CCD), Communicate allows clinicians anywhere to quickly send accurate patient information to other healthcare specialists. This reduces the administrative overhead, increases the security of patient records, and ensures that records reach their intended destination in an auditable way.

Communicate provides an integrated Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) and a certificate management service that enables secure messaging regardless of an organization’s technical capabilities. Small clinics and long-term care facilities can use familiar web-based interfaces to access their secure messaging, while meaningful use-compliant EHR systems can integrate with the HPD and secure messaging interfaces to provide seamless clinical workflow to their users.

Safe communication of clinical information