Other Tools

Orion Health Coordinate

Deliver effective Care Coordination

Orion Health Coordinate is the care coordination and management tool offered by Koble-MN. It provides the technology for multidisciplinary care teams to collaborate, proactively manage care, and take preventative action. Coordinate enables collaborative worklists, complex clinical pathways, care planning, medication management, and patient engagement through integration with Engage.

Orion Health Engage

HIE-based Patient Portal

Consumers are increasingly demanding access to (and control over) all their data, and health is no exception. Engage leverages Apple’s HealthKit technology and Orion Health’s own interoperability and aggregation technologies in Orion Health Amadeus, with application across the health spectrum for people who are:

  • Well, who aim to stay that way through following health advice and getting individualised feedback
  • Ill, who are dealing with complex management of chronic conditions
  • And those in between, who are working through the steps back to wellness

Using both a browser-based portal and mobile app, fed by real-time data including clinical, claims and consumer device data, Engage integrates with Orion Health Coordinate, for clinicians and healthcare professionals to deliver comprehensive care management.

Engage is an optional tool for Koble-MN Participants who wish to build or enhance their patient engagement capabilities.